UV Coating

Ультрафиалетовая печать

    UV coating is like accessories in a wardrobe. It adds polish, brightness and a style to any souvenir production. They are characteristics that attract client attention. For example, you want to create a marketing campaign or to congratulate your clients and partners. Thanks to its style and durability, UV coating is one of the best solutions. There are several reasons for it.

    First, its multipurposeness really impresses.  UV coating can be used on almost any material or surface such as plastic, plywood, cardboard and even metal and glass. It is possible due to technology features of UV coating. Inks cured by ultraviolet do not mix with a surface, and there is no need for pre-printing treatment, so you can make you promo materials unique and personalized. Branded flash card or computer mouse is a gift that will serve your clients and partners for a long time. Alternatively, you can pleasantly impress your colleagues with a calendar printed on two wooden cubes that will useful also as a tool for arms stretching.

   Branded promo materials have incredible sensory appeal, and as we know, it plays a great role in creating a person’s overall impression. You can coat images using UV on leather purses, day planners or business card holders. UV coating provides powerful protection against scuffing and friction, so fingerprints will not be seen on your promo materials. For example, your greeting card will differentiate from others with absences of scuffs and brightness, and visit card will be protected from friction in your client’s or partner’s wallet.

   Let us talk more about brightness. UV coating is notable for colorfulness and palette. You will be able to print any image on your promo materials and not to worry about whether they will be the same in real life and in the design plan. Impress your clients with an eye-catching paperweight or an ostrich feather with congratulations as a souvenir.

   UV coating will allow you to realize the most breath-taking ideas. Clients and partners associate such souvenirs with success, and they can become your forte in new 2019 year.


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