Augmented reality in printing industry

Дополнительная реальность в полиграфии AG City


Augmented reality. It is a modern buzzword. Some of us saw an augmented reality for the first time during watching “Terminator” movie in a memorable scene in which Schwarzenegger hero chooses whose clothes fit him the best. Some of us heard about it more recently during the hype about Pokemon Go. Today we will tell you about augmented reality in the printing industry.

Thanks to augmented reality technology you will liven up your printed materials. And it is not a marketing cliché. Using the camera in a smartphone or any other gadget a client will see not only a booklet but also additional video materials about the product. There is a possibility to print links to social networks or even a button “Buy now” on your visit cards. Bulgarian startup iGreet has developed this idea even further. It prints greeting cards with augmented reality. If a user points a camera on a greeting card, he will see a video with congratulations. Or it can be a menu with the additional description of drinks and dishes.

The most significant is the fact that a marker for an augmented reality can be not only  QR code but any image on a printed material. And to see these AR materials you need only a gadget with a camera and preinstalled application.

Welcome to the brave new world of printing industry of new generation.


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