Apparently, everyone has seen sign plates with an engraved name or working hours. It is one of the many examples of laser engraving technology usage.

   It is possible using a laser to engrave an image on virtually any surface such as metal, leather, wood, glass or plastic. Such versatility is based on engraving technology. Laser ray heats a material and depending on the time of exposure, it burns out a top layer or changes the material characteristics.

   Every material will shine in new unique rich colors. And everything that you can draw, you will be able to engrave with laser even very detailed textured images. You want a textured photo on wood or metal, don’t you? It is possible with laser engraving technology. Or maybe you want your notebook to be the most stylish in the office. The engraved image will surely make it memorable and unique.

   It is worth to mention and superior durability because the image will be as time-proof as a material used.  Visit cards from plastic or metal will become the symbols of exclusivity and reliability of your company, due to the fact that materials elegantly change colors and are very enduring.

   Laser engraving is a key to a realization of your most unusual and original ideas. In New Year’s Eve, people ask a question, how to impress colleagues and partners. Flutes with your logo will become a memorable and desired gift. Or you can impress colleagues with bottles of alcohol with engraved congratulations on them. If your friends love poker, wooden playing cards will be a great gift that will endure many games. And you will be always able to pick the winnings in your wallet with the engraved symbol of luck.

   And our company wish you always to have luck in new 2019 year.


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