The word “Design” is derived from the Italian word disegno. At the age of the Renaissance, people use it to describe artworks, drawings, and even ideas, which became the basis for different pieces of arts. As a specific type of activity, design began to develop in the second half of the 19th century due to the Industrial Revolution. For manufacturers, it became apparent that they had to make their products more aesthetically pleasing to improve their desirability for clients and stimulate a market. As a result, the demand for specialists, who could create a trendy product’s look, arose.At this time, design as a sphere greatly benefited from industrial progress.

   Later many people will describe it as the phenomenon of the artistic culture. Today design is the indispensable part of our life. It is hard to name a field of human activity, where designers do not have their hands in. Design not only makes our life more comfortable and pleasant, but it is also an essential part of products promotion. Due to the significance of innovation in the modern society, it is important to mention a central role of design as an engine of progress. For us, the design is not only a type of activity but also the ability to create the most effective projects that conform to the highest aesthetic, practical and creative criteria.

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