Paper cups

  Paper cups is one more way to promote your business.  On an expendable products’ market paper cups are quite popular and in demand. Production of paper cups has numerous advantages:

1. They are eco-friendly, and it is very important in the modern world

2. They are easy to use

3. Ink printed on paper cups is toxic free

4. In comparison to plastic analogs, there is a possibility to print an advertisement

5. Safety of use and utilization

  Paper cups are widely used in coffee shops, fast foods, corporate events.  Besides several mentioned above advantages, advertisement at paper cups is an excellent way to remind customers about your organization. This type of advertisement has a broad audience outreach. This fact makes it the effective strategy.

  The advertisement agency “AG City” will develop for you a design-layout and produce paper cups for the best price in Kiev. We offer such services:

  • Paper cups production
  • Disposable paper cups
  • Plastic cups with logo
  • Paper cups with logo

  In our company, you can buy paper cups or order paper cups. Our specialist will produce a product that will promote you in the most beneficial way and bring in money. Paper cups’ production is our specialization! Cooperation with our company means quick and professional realization of a task of any complexity and the ideal value for money.


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